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Honda Engine Codes

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1Honda Engine Codes Empty Honda Engine Codes on Sun Oct 18, 2009 7:49 pm


B16A 90-91 civic SIR JDM OBD0
B16A 90-91 civic SIR2 JDM OBD0
B16A 88-91 civic SIR Hatch JDM OBD0
B16A 90-93 Integra XSI JDM OBD0
B16A 90-93 Integra RSI JDM OBD0-OBD1
B16A 96-00 civic SIR JDM OBD2A/B
B16A 96-00 civic SIR2 JDM OBD2A/B
B16A 92-97 CRX Del Sol SIR JDM OBD1/2
B16A 88-91 civic VTI EDM OBD0
B16A 88-91 CRX 1.6I EDM OBD0
B16A 92-95 civic SIR JDM OBD1
B16A 92-95 civic Fiero SI JDM OBD1
B16A 92-95 civic Fiero SI2 JDM OBD1
B16A 92-95 civic SIR2 JDM OBD1
B16A 92-95 civic Fiero RTSI 4WD JDM OBD1
B16A2 99-00 civic SI USDM OBD2B
B16A3 94-97 Del Sol VTI-T EDM OBD1/2A
B16A3 94-97 Del Sol VTEC USDM OBD1/2A
B16A4 96-00 civic VTI EDM OBD2A/B
B16B 98-00 civic TYPE R JDM OBD2B
B17A1 92-93 Integra GSR USDM OBD1
B18A1 90-93 Integra RS, LS, GS USDM OBD0/!
B18B 92-96 Domani SI-G JDM OBD1
B18B 94-95 Integra ESI JDM OBD1
B18B 96-00 Orthia GX JDM OBD2A/B
B18B 96-00 Orthia GX-S JDM OBD2A/B\
B18B1 94-01 Integra RS, LS USDM OBD1/2A/B
B18C 96-97 Integra SIR-G JDM OBD2
B18C 94-95 Integra SI-VTEC JDM OBD1
B18C 96-00 Integra Type R JDM OBD2A/B
B18C1 94-01 Integra GSR USDM OBD1/2A/B
B18C3 96 Integra Type R EDM OBD1
B18C4 94-95 Integra GRS EDM OBD1
B18C5 97-01(NO 99 WAS MADE) Integra Type R OBD1/2A/B
B18C6 98-01 Integra Type R EDM OBD2B

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